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Born & Raised up in a large Roman Catholic family & neighborhood;Athletic & Political conscious as a child; Grew up in a large & very pro union city. My town had at one time several fortune 500 companies. Life as child was very happy and there was always something to keep you occupied growing up. There was very large Corporate sponsorship in and around my city. I was able to find a 4 jobs by 12 noon in the 1960's. I was barely 17 yrs old making a family wage. I believed in God,USA,Apple Pie and Chevrolet. My political views changed me a lot after returning from Vietnam via the USMC. The USMC was my ticket to college knowing God would protect me and bring me back home or keep the military as a career. There was good paying jobs all around me and I could choose or pick. When I graduatd from Catholic Elementary school our school paper predicted each classmates future and mine was to be working for the RRD which became true 8 yrs later as a Conductor on Frieght & Passenger Trains. I retired from the RRD never went to free college I earned from Military Service. I have been a Lifetime Member in the VFW since 1986. My Factory hard working 7th son of a 7th son Father told me to stay at one place of work and don't bounce around from job to job get a pension & never fight over a women . You won't need to if they trully love you. He found time to take us fishing and went to church with us when we were little ones. He passed away 10 yrs ago and my Mother still misses him dearly today.